The Meeting on Nuclear Applications (ENAN) approaches issues related to Science, Technology and Innovation and aims to enlarge the discussion of peaceful applications of nuclear energy, national and internationally, bringing together academic, scientific and industry communities in a warm and stimulating atmosphere. It provides a forum for exchange of information on current developments, as well as, the trends of the nuclear technologies and their applications. The dynamism to be always developing new technologies, associated with the advancements of other fields, is one of the main characteristics of nuclear applications. Thus, the progress of nuclear tools has been extremely important in diverse areas, such as medicine, industry, agriculture and environment, promoting support for new national projects. The progress of the instrumentation and information technology has consolidated the development of PET/CT scanner, as well as, the search of new and more specific radiopharmaceuticals, in the health field. In the industrial ground, these advances have stimulated the development of an innovative gamma industrial tomography system for the optimization of multiphase industrial processes. The environmental preservation, cultural heritage preservation, radiosterilization, nanotechnology and polymer development and production are strongly associated with radiation processing and have been consolidated with the development of new irradiators. Basic research and nuclear technology applications in the fields of chemistry, physics, biology and food science have been improved continuously. Other fields, such as, radiation protection, dosimetry, waste treatment and nuclear instrumentation have been accomplished, showing the importance of innovation of nuclear technology applications. The XIII ENAN is the mirror where new advances in standard applications and brand new nuclear technologies will be highlighted, with high impact on the future of agriculture, medicine and industry and, also, on the environmental preservation. In this edition, the XIII ENAN technical program will comprise a series of plenary, round tables, lectures by invited renowned national and international experts, as well as, oral and poster presentations of important contributed papers. Authors are invited to submit papers describing previously unpublished works, covering the following topics:

XIII ENAN Area Coordinators

  • E01 - Radiation Protection - Thessa Cristina Alonso - alonso@cdtn.br
  • E02 - Dosimetry - Teógenes Augusto da Silva - silvata@cdtn.br
  • E03 - Nuclear Analytical Techniques - Maria ngela de B. C. Menezes - menezes@cdtn.br
  • E04 - Environmental Sciences - Carlos Alberto de Carvalho Filho - cacf@cdtn.br
  • E05 - Nuclear Instrumentation - Carmen Cecilia Bueno - ccbueno@ipen.br
  • E06 - Waste Management - Cledola Cássia O. de Tello - tellocc@cdtn.br
  • E07 - Isotopic Techniques in Environmental and Industrial Processes - Carlos Henrique de Mesquita - chmesqui@usp.br
  • E08 - Medicine and Health - Juliana Batista Silva - silvajb@cdtn.br
  • E09 - Food Science - Anna Lucia C. Villavicencio - villavic@ipen.br
  • E10 - Biology - Daniel Perez Vieira - dpvieira@ipen.br
  • E11 - Nuclear Physics - Frederico Antonio Genezini - fredzini@ipen.br
  • E12 - Materials Science and Technology - Yasko Kodama - ykodama@ipen.br
  • E13 - Irradiators, Licensing and Regulations of Radioactive Installations - Nelson Minoru Omi - nminoru@ipen.br
  • E14 - Cultural Heritage - Pablo A. Vasquez Salvador - pavsalva@ipen.br
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