The XX Meeting on Nuclear Reactor Physics and Thermal Hydraulics (XX ENFIR) is an international conference on nuclear reactor technology. It features technical oral, poster and plenary sessions.

A key goal of the XX ENFIR is to bring together scientists to present their views and exchange expertise on the state of art trends concerning research in nuclear reactor technologies.

It will cover interdisciplinary aspects concerning research and development on nuclear reactors in Brazil and abroad, also providing to researchers and technicians the opportunity to discuss the State policy to preserve the scientific and technological capabilities acquired in the country with focus in nuclear energy for national projects.

The XX ENFIR subject areas are
  • R01 Nuclear Reactor Physics
  • R02 Nuclear Reactor Thermal Hydraulics
  • R03 Applied Mathematics and Computation
  • R04 Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality
  • R05 Nuclear Reactor Fuel Fabrication and Design
  • R06 Advanced Nuclear Reactors
  • R07 Structural Mechanics
  • R08 Reactor Safety Analysis
  • R09 Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • R10 Man Machine Interface
  • R11 Nuclear Reactor Licensing and Regulation
  • R12 Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation and Control
  • R13 Nuclear Power Plant Viability, Design, Construction and Operation
  • R14 Environmental Impact applied to Nuclear Reactors and Fuel Cycle
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