This is the Fifth Meeting on Nuclear Industry (V ENIN), which is held in Brazil, as a part of the International Nuclear Atlantic Conference (INAC 2017). This year, the INAC is being held in the city of Belo Horizonte, one of the most important industrial and economic centers in Brazil.

We believe it is not possible to think about a sustainable nuclear program in a country without the consideration of nuclear energy as a long-term State policy. That was the pivotal theme developed into the IV ENIN, in 2015. Since then, the world has undergone deep economical and political changes with global impacts and changes in the necessary investments on the energy mix. Reinforcing this scenario, the conclusions of COP22 UN Conference drive the countries action plans and commitments taking into account the absolute necessity to invest in cleaner electric power generation sources, capable to curb the global warming. Therefore, the INAC 2017 brings Nuclear Energy for National Projects as the central theme, looking for promoting a large debate and discussions about the options to face this challenging electric power generation scenario, as well as taking into account the difficult issues that affect the nuclear industry, such as financing, public acceptance, etc. Through the round tables, panels, speeches and technical papers, the Conference and the Meeting will provide a valuable opportunity to share experiences with worldwide specialists presenting and discussing success cases and contributing to showcase the important role nuclear energy will play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Many dedicated individuals and organizations are actively engaged to the achievement of these objectives, starting with ABEN (Brazilian Association on Nuclear Energy), along with the corporations, institutions, scientists, engineers, professors, executives and, especially, those who will present technical papers, helping to booster this technology of paramount importance for the future of mankind. We warmly invite your participation in this event, bringing your knowledge and experience to this important International Meeting.

The V ENIN subject areas are
  • I01 Integrated Management Systems
  • I02 Energy Sources Sustainability Assessment
  • I03 Knowledge Management and Personnel Qualification
  • I04 Social Responsibility
  • I05 Uranium Market
  • I06 Nuclear Power Generation Systems
  • I07 Fuel Cycle Management and Services
  • I08 Communications and Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy
  • I09 Operational aspects, costs and capacity factors in the Nuclear
  • I10 The world structure in the construction, assembly and supply of equipments and services of Nuclear Power
  • I11 Nuclear Security, Non Proliferation, Safeguards and Nuclear Forensics
  • I12 Nuclear Industry sectors which do not adhere to any of the above
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